Why Internet Security is Essential Today?

Why You Need an Internet Security Software?

In today’s modern world the internet proves to be the best communication medium for everyone. Even though it has many advantages, it also has a few drawbacks which the users need to be aware of to steer clear from the online dangers. Keeping your data and your network safe is vital. Malware is more common today and comes with different tactics to achieve nefarious goals.

It’s essential to understand the difference between an antivirus program and internet security software. The antivirus program scans for viruses and malware. While it is excellent for discovering malicious software that has already made it onto your computer, it will typically not offer advanced firewall management to monitor inbound and outbound web traffic feeds.

Internet security software is created to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information through leaks in the networks. Therefore, to protect your confidential data, it monitors all accessed URLs. Phishing websites are already on its lists; consequently, the software compares the sites visited by the user to its master list of phishing websites, and immediately issues an alert to block the site should there be a match, it immediately warns the administrators through email to block the website.

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The Extended Benefits of an Internet Security Software

Antivirus software does not have advanced system optimisation tools such as disk defragmentation tools, junk cleaners, etc. However, the internet security software includes such advanced tools, which help in preventing users from falling prey to online dangers.

On the other hand, the internet security software is designed to protect an extensive range of threat types than antiviruses, namely ransomware, rootkits, anti-spam programs, and spyware. Infected websites are immediately identified, blocked, and reported.

We all today understand the need to stay protected online. However, the big question is “Which internet security software is necessary?” and it is essential to make the right choice. With Comodo free internet security suite you can prevent hackers from stealing personal data stored on the computer. It stops unauthorized access attempts to your computer.

Comodo Free Internet Security Suite

Hackers assign malicious codes to secretly gather user sensitive information such as computing habits, internet activity, keystrokes, etc. Stay protected from all such online attacks with Comodo Internet Security Suite.

The internet security software has an antivirus, anti-spyware, memory firewall, anti-rootkit, Defense+, bot protection, and with a lot more of protection mechanism which is beneficial enough to provide comprehensive multiple-levels of security when a user connects to the Internet. The essential features of Comodo free Internet Security Suite are as follows:

➢ Antivirus: Malware hiding in a PC is tracked down and destroyed.
➢ Anti-Spyware: Spyware threats are detected and destroyed.
➢ Anti-Rootkit: Scans, identifies, and removes rootkits.
➢ Bot Protection: Prevents malware from turning your computer into a bot.
➢ Defense+: Shields crucial system files and stops malware from installing on
➢ your computer.
➢ Auto Sandbox Technology: All unknown files are made to run in an isolated
➢ Memory Firewall: Protects against sophisticated buffer overflow attacks.
➢ Anti-Malware: Destroys malicious processes before they become active.

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