UnoTelly Review: Easy to Use and Lets You Watch Netflix

At some point of time most of you must have come across a website which was blocked in your country or on your server, or listen to songs on spotify but can’t listen because of restrictions. Don’t worry, now you can break all the geographical restrictions and surpass all internet censorship. This product is driven by ‘UnoTelly’, making sure a high-speed streaming no matter what your location.

This excellent product is effective at surpassing the limits of physical locations by establishing a connection and streaming videos online.

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UnoDNS is located in Canada; its parent company is Unovation Inc, who originally launched in 2011. Since then they have launched both a SmartDNS and a VPN service. Up to now, it ended up being either unimaginable or very difficult to access Worldwide TV channels, but with this particular dynamic DNS service, impossible only became achievable.

No matter certainly where the user is accessing the internet from, no matter what device he / she is using, the user can access in unlimited channels with the help of UnoTelly .


  • Provision of config files for OpenVPN/Tunnelblick
  • Account credit for referrals
  • Free trial
  • 24/7 support and good response times on tickets
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Pretty easy to setup
  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Quick response
  • Free trial
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • 100% refund
  • Showcases TV shows of 8 major languages
  • Region switching service is fast
  • Lots of devices and channels


  • Lack of specialised client
  • Website’s poorly-integrated support section
  • Overly brief TOS, vagueness of policy on torrenting.
  • Collection of personal information during billing.

How UnoTelly Works? UnoTelly Review : Easy to Use and Lets You Watch Netflix

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So as to allow the users to access the restricted websites, UnoTelly changes the IP address of the user. It is well suited with a number of platforms, it is compatible with  PC, Google TV, smartphones, Nintendo wii console, ipad, iPhones Android-based devices, video gaming games consoles, on the market, Playbook, Roku, OpenElec, WD TV, XBMC, , Sony players, almost all routers, Panasonic VIERA, etc.

Setting up and installing UnoTelly is very easy and simple, you will be provided with the step by step guides by developers of UnoTelly. Currently UnoTelly offers around 25 channels like BBC TV, NetFlix, HuluPlus etc. Their Dynamo feature lets you choose the region of a websit, at a time you can watch three different regions of NetFlix at a time.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to safety and privacy, you can trust UnoTelly, They use PPTP assistance along with 128-bit MPPE and also their own OpenVPN protocol offers 128-bit Blowfish; Blowfish would be the default cipher built in OpenVPN and is known for being risk-free and very secure.

UnoVPN only logs the time you connect and disconnect from it and the amount of bandwidth you use, these details are not linked to the users IP address but to their account. Apart from these things they do not store any other data and keep any log of it.

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When you visit regional-locked websites after activating UnoDNS, the service automatically fools the site and the site thinks that you are within the boundaries of applicable countries. Isn’t it a great service? Hmm, you will find various different types of services which do this job, but among them UnoDNS is the service which is really expert from other services in this matter.

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They’ll be capable to provide you with everything that you should easily get cracking watching Netflix on multiple gadgets in your house effortlessly. They are by and by far one of the best options you must select from with regards to which makes it capable for folks to get into websites like Netflix outside of the US.


Have you ever heard of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and History Channel? Spotify and Pandora? I am sure you do. UnoTelly is a commercial service and thanks to its many DNS servers available across the globe, when a user wants to access any of the above services, UnoTelly distorts the geolocation and offers normal access with astonishing speed.

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Living in a connected world means that you want to watch the content anyways. Even though if you are willing to pay for it, content distributors seems to be stuck in 20th century mindframe and do not want to move forward. UnoTelly enables you to skipborders and enjoy in top quality broadcasting wherever you are.So, what are you waiting for?

Conclusion: Should You Really Buy UnoTelly? Untelly Review

UnoTelly is a great tool for people who want to rebel against the censorship of the internet and want complete freedom online. It gives you the liberty to surpass internet censorship and access websites which are blocked in your country also gives you access to TV networks like NetFlix, BBC live, Huluplus etc so you can watch your favourite Tv shows without any hassle and worries.

With their cutting edge technology, latest hardware and UnoTelly give you the security, anonymity and privacy you want. Their high speed servers which are located at the places chosen strategically to give you top speed.

They also have an android app so you don’t have to worry about Trojan attacks on your phone and you can keep watching your favourite shows on your smartphones while travelling. UnotTelly has one of the lowest prices; on top of that they offer a free trial of their premium plan and 7 days money back guarantee. They do not deduct any cancellation fee and refund 100% of your money. So stop thinking and go get yourself a subscription of UnoTelly.