PureVPN Review : The best Alternative to HideMyAss?

PureVPN offers VPN services across the globe, currently they have more than 500 servers spread over 121 different countries, it supports major protocols, operating system and devices. Unlike other VPN service providers PureVPN has a Split Tunneling feature and a country selection tool. With their cutting edge technology, top notch customer support and high end hardware PureVPN have become one of the leading VPN service providers.


  • Defeats ISP Speed Throttling
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Port Forwarding
  • P2P and VoIP Support
  • VPN Disconnect Protection
  • Zero Logging Policy
  • Complete Anonymity
  • SmartDNS (addon)
  • Dedicated IP (addon)
  • NAT Firewall (addon)
  • DdoS Protection (addon)
  • 5 Simultaneous Logins
  • Widest protocol support including (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2)
  • Largest range of accepted payment options
  • Compatible on Routers


  • Doesn’t support OpenVPN protocol
  • Keeps log files
  • 200 sessions/ per day max usage limit
  • PureVPN online help sucks
  • Support 24/7 is a myth
  • Their China servers  are weak
  • Bad speed & bad reliability

PureVPN review homepage

When PureVPN started it was only available for manual LAN configuration and settings. But, now PureVPN offers dedicated clients for Windows and MAC. All the features are integrated in the application. Though if you are a Linux user then you will have to configure manually.

PureVPN also has a mobile app for its Android and iOS users, you can download them from your respective app store. PureVPN is also compatible with Windows and Blackberry, but you need to configure it manually.

Once you complete the subscription, you will receive an email containing your login details (Username, password and LAN configuration details), if you are not a tech savvy person then you can use a PureVPN application to access the web anonymously and of you have technical skills then you can take the help of tutorials to set up a VPN service. Personal users to big businesses, anyone can use PureVPN provide services to anyone who wants.

There is a login dialogue box on top of the screen where you have to enter your username and password; there is also a drop down menu which lets you select the protocol. There is also a server dropdown which gives you the list of the fastest servers across the globe. Once you are connected to their server, you can see your connection status, your proxy IP address and duration of your session. They also display how much bandwidth you are using and the volume of traffic.

PureVPN’s Optional Addons

1) SmartDNS

With PureVPN’s SmartDNS, you can go past the geo-restrictions to access your preferred movies and TV channels. The VPNs are not generally directly supported on the SmartTVs and you need to by hand configure them prior to you use them. SmartDNS is readily available on all the PureVPN plans and you do not need to pay a single penny to access it.

2) Web Security & NAT Firewall (for $2.99 per month)

The Network Address Translation Firewall software (NAT Firewall program) is PureVPN’s answer to users stressed over end-to-end security– especially at the VPN server end. The NAT Firewall software exists at the server end and makes up for the hopeless firewall that is constructed into your Windows and easily penetrable.

A VPN is the supreme online security solution, but it has the catch that your NAT Firewall program ends up being somewhat redundant, and you lose the defense that NAT Firewall program supplies.

Turning on thePureVPN NAT Firewall software will permit you to safeguard the IP address designated to you by PureVPN’s server. Cannot utilize the NAT Firewall program makes VPN users at risk from sophisticated hackers who exploit data packages to acquire entry into the internet users’ system.

The image below shows how you can turn on the NAT Firewall program Add-on during check-out from the PureVPN site. The Add-on expenses a weak $2.99 each month to secure your information stream from the VPN server end, therefore making sure safety that nobody’s grand daddy can make it through (pun intended)!

3) Stealth VPN Browser (For high cencorship countries & ISPs) (for $2.99 per month)

The Stealth VPN Internet browser is a VPN web browser that is fully device/OS suitable and is the perfect tool for people who desire a one-shot gun-shot option to unblock websites without any additional trouble. The ultra-light super-accessible web browser guarantees a zero-logging experience for all your delicate web use.

4) Dedicated Streaming (for $3.99 monthly)

The Committed Streaming AddOn works by offering PureVPN users a special browser developed just for streaming functions. Streaming anything because browser will offer you a 20Mbps speed increase. This speed boost is ideal for web users who have sluggish internet connections and therefore cannot enjoy quality movie streaming because of buffering and lag.

5) Devoted IP (for $1.99 monthly)

This AddOn provides PureVPN users a fixed IP. This function is normally utilized by specialized VPN users and heavy duty internet users. It is ideal for individuals who want to setup any kind of server for others users since it will provide users access to the same set IP every time they log in.

The Committed IP AddOn operates in addition with the standard vibrant IP strategy, which implies that you will have the basic vibrant IP service available, and can trigger your repaired IP whenever you desire.

6) Committed IP with DDoS Protection

With DDoS Defense IP provided by PureVPN, make certain to secure your gadgets versus all sorts of DDoS attacks. You can get PureVPN’s Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection for added $5.99/ month.

PureVPN – Secure Virtual Private Network Connection

The drop-down menu for security will provide you the following four file encryption alternatives:.
Alternative 1– No Encryption Allowed (The VPN server will detach and therefore drop your VPN session if you choose this and the selected VPN server needs file encryption).
Option 2– Optional Encryption (The absence or presence of file encryption will have no effect on your VPN covered internet session).
Choice 3– Need File encryption (The VPN server will disconnect if and thereby drop your VPN session if it declines your request for File encryption).
Option 4– Optimum Strength File encryption (Much like in the above case, the VPN server will disconnect if and therefore drop your VPN session if it declines your request for File encryption).
purevpn evaluation.

It is clear that PureVPN does not want you to obtain a quantification of file encryption levels at any point. However, if you use your VPN without encryption, it fails the purpose behind the whole exercise of using a VPN. I would personally select either option 3 or option 4– anything else would be a compromise on value for cash. I suggest you follow the very same technique for the sake of your own security.

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Conclusion : PureVPN Review 2018: The best Alternative to HideMyAss?

It is hard to find a reliable, safe, fast and easy to use VON service like PureVPN, it gives you the anonymity, safety and freedom from geo location restrictions. I have heard about various VPN providers, but this one I have actually used, so I know how good of a VPN it is. It is compatible with various devices and operating system, their customer support is very fast and prompt along with the inventory of tutorials available with step by step explanation it won’t be hard for you to set everything up.

They have one of the best prices in the market and on top of that they offer 7 days money back guarantee. They accept payments via bitcoins which is a great help.