Hack-Proof Hosting: Comparing the Bluehost and iPage Security Features

Safety and security are paramount on the web. When your business is involved, it’s even more critical.

Privacy and protection are extremely important for both site owners and their customers. After all, a vulnerable site puts customer information at risk as well. This can be harmful to both brand identity and reputation, irreparably damaging a company’s operations. To keep hosted websites safe, iPage and Bluehost both offer a suite of hack-proof safety features that can protect users from the threat of cyber attacks.

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Protect Your iPage Site with SiteLock Access

One of the most respected names in cyber security, SiteLock is a third-party add-on that provides monitoring and protection services for website owners. SiteLock offers stringent security measures, including malware scans and virus removal.

Both Bluehost and iPage offer SiteLock as an additional subscription on top of a hosting plan. Basic pricing from Bluehost starts at $23.88 a year, with Professional, Premium, and Enterprise packages also available.

iPage, on the other hand, provides a wealth of information on the three available plans.

Find plan Fix plan Prevent plan
  Malware and vulnerability scans   Malware and vulnerability scans, as well as malware removal   Malware and vulnerability scans, as well as malware removal and a web application firewall
  $1.94/month for three-year plan  $6.97/month for three-year plan  $38.75/month for three-year plan

Despite the same coverage, iPage’s plans are more robust and feature transparent pricing, putting this host slightly ahead.

Protect Bluehost Sites With SSL Certificates

A favorite of Google, SSL certificates provide an https prefix for a domain, offering a higher level of safety and security by encrypting all transmitted data. This is especially important for e-commerce sites that process payment information.

Like SiteLock, SSL certificates are available through Comodo as a package upgrade for iPage users. A basic protection and Google rankings package starts at $31.99 a year and includes a $10,000 warranty and https protection. A bigger package for e-commerce sites is available for $269.99 a year and offers a $1.75 million warranty, a green “trust” bar and extra e-commerce support.

Comodo SSL certificates are available through Bluehost as well, although pricing information isn’t published. Bluehost also permits third-party SSL certificates and provides guidance on how to generate a self-signed certificate via the Bluehost cPanel. Overall, Bluehost offers an extra level of flexibility more advanced customers will appreciate.

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Let Bluehost Establish Domain Privacy

When you purchase a domain name, your personal information is entered into a general database. However, availability of this information can pose a serious security threat. Luckily, domain privacy is here, obscuring this data and adding an extra layer of protection to a website.

iPage and Bluehost both offer domain protection to all customers for an additional rate per year. iPage charges $9.99 as an add-on to all plans, while Bluehost requires an annual fee of $11.88 for Basic and Plus plans. Domain privacy is included in Prime and Pro subscriptions, saving subscribers money and guaranteeing peace of mind. This added bonus gives Bluehost the edge.

Clean Up Malware with Site Doctor from Bluehost

Regular backups are a big part of security, allowing users to keep a current copy of a site available should trouble come to call. For sites infected by malware or viruses, restoring a site from a backup the best way to fight back. In cases when a backup isn’t appropriate, malware removal and repair may be required.

iPage provides backup through Website Backup & Restore with rates starting at $1.14 a month. This basic plan offers one backup per day for one site and one database. The pro plan, which starts at $2.09 a month, offers up to five backups a day on unlimited sites and databases.

Bluehost, on the other hand, relies on Site Backup Pro, a tool designed to make backups and restorations easy. There is no additional fee for this service; Basic support is built into Basic and Plus packages, while Prime and Pro plans offer Pro coverage. For those who want more coverage, Bluehost offers a premium service called Site Doctor. Available for $249.99, Site Doctor offers security scans, malware removal, regular secure backups and software updates to keep sites as secure as possible. Despite the extra cost, Site Doctor goes above and beyond, ensuring sites are locked down and protected.

Learn More Security Tips with iPage Knowledgebase Support

For newcomers to the world of web safety, understanding available options can be overwhelming. To provide comprehensive guidance to all users, Bluehost and iPage offer detailed information about safety precautions, products and services.

The information provided by Bluehost and iPage is similar in nature, including walkthroughs on enabling security measures and product information. However, iPage boasts a strong organizational system, making it easy for users to filter relevant information related to safety and security. Bluehost, despite comparable guidance, does not have an organized knowledge center. When it comes to ease of use and availability, iPage wins hands down.

The Bottom Line: Bluehost Keeps Sites Safe

Security is no laughing matter. Bluehost and iPage take website protection extremely seriously, offering some of the best benefits in the industry to users at all subscription levels. With perks like domain privacy, SSL certificates and the safety offered by SiteLock, both of these hosts can provide a secure hosting experience for those willing to invest in the adequate upgrades.

With a few additional perks, Bluehost is the winner by a small margin in this battle, offering one of the most hack-proof hosting solutions on the market. From SiteLock protection to Site Doctor repairs, Bluehost keeps you covered.