GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting: Which is Better Hosting In 2019?

The ever present battle of David and Goliath. Of the few versus the many. Of giant versus man! Or, perhaps without all the analogies, just – big business versus small business. In the sphere of the web hosting world, we are, of course, speaking of GoDaddy – the Web hosting industry’s largest player. GoDaddy is a billion dollar company having a market share of 59 million domain registrants. Check Godaddy Hosting Reviewhere.

Even if half of those domain registrants didn’t use GoDaddy’s web hosting – they still would own more of the web hosting market share than even EIG (Endurance International Group – owners of HostGator, Arvixe, BlueHost etc). But GoDaddy might suffer from the “too big for your own good,” syndrome when you pit them a smaller, employee-owned web hosting company such as InMotion Hosting. Check InMotion Hosting Review here.

In this article, we’re going to explore side by side the Goliath of web hosting with a smaller, but worthy adversary. Opinions aside, we want to let the specs do most of the battling, as the rest could be misconstrued as opinion and gossip. Sure, people like an underdog – and in this scenario, InMotion Hosting is definitely it. But 59 million users can’t be wrong either. So let’s let the web hosting specs do the battle for us, and we’ll analyze after the battle to see who the true victor is.

Battle InMotion vs GoDaddy hosting: Who Wins ?

inmotion hosting vs godaddy

Free Domain

GoDaddy’s claim in the web hosting sphere was mostly brought on by the “domain name race.” They wholly convinced a whole generation that a domain name was all you needed to get online. It worked as a business model but confused so many people.

Domains are to Hosting as Grapes are to Wine.

Both GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting offer domains, though GoDaddy does win this round for offering a greater variety of gTLDs, ccTLDs, and the regular TLDs (Top-level domain). InMotion Hosting offers, .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz or .info – which happen to be the internet’s most popular TLDs. So if you don’t care – than either work.

InMotion Hosting - inmotion hosting vs godaddy

Money-Back Guarantee

Always an important aspect, and for online service, this is especially important because we as customers want the chance to “test the goods.”  InMotion Business Hosting product offers a 90-day money-back, no question guarantee. GoDaddy offers a full money-back guarantee for 45 days.

Solid-State Drives

InMotion Hosting VPS Hosting with SSDs- inmotion hosting vs godaddy

InMotion Shared Hosting includes free Solid-State Drives (SSD) that offer higher performance than standard spinning hard disk drives. Research shows that SSDsare 20 times faster than SAS 15K drives and HDDs (hard-drive disks). GoDaddy does not offer Shared SSD Hosting.

The advantage here is that SSDs offer a faster display of data and information for customers. Faster is always better, especially if it’s free.

Data Backups

GoDadddy Backup

Ever important are the times when you backup your data. This is so that in the event that a server crashes, all of your information doesn’t go out the window. Testing these two brands, we found that InMotion Hosting backsup their data every 24-36 hours for up to 10GB of data. Concurrently, GoDaddy backs up their data once a week randomly (time intervals not listed on their website)

InMotion hosting backup


PostgreSQL offers a great option for database management and is an industry standard. If allows for flexibility to develop applications with the database that the user is most comfortable using. In addition to SSH Access, Ruby on Rails, and PHP – PostgreSQL is a great fit for any web host. InMotion Hosting offers this which caters to their business clientele. GoDaddy does not offer PostgreSQL.


InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting - inmotion hosting vs godaddy

No matter if it’s a blog, a business website or an eCommerce store – you have likely used or interacted with WordPress. The New York Times’ website is built using WordPress even! WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It’s no question that all competitive web hosts have access to WordPress and you can get it installed and run on a host’s servers. Both web hosts win here, but where GoDaddy is outdone is by InMotion Hosting’s a pre-installed WordPress upon checkout so that the minute you checkout, you can start using the CMS immediately.


inmotion-hosting-softaculous-inmotion hosting vs godaddy

Softaculous is another one of those tools that are beneficial for your website and website management. It allows for you to use WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and more with a one-click installer. Both GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting offer Softaculous, but with GoDaddy you have to ask for it, and with InMotion, the program already comes with it free of charge.

GoDaddy Cpanel

GoDaddy Control Panel- inmotion hosting vs godaddy

Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

Inmotion hosting uptime review


Inmotion hosting uptime review -inmotion hosting vs godaddy

Finally, the most important question – will the data fit?!

GoDaddy does not offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth with all of their Shared Hosting plans – there is more portioned out with smaller chunks and larger loads that allow for plan diversity – but they are all pre-packaged. InMotion Hosting offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth with their shared hosting plans.

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GoDaddy Web Hosting Lightning Fast Hosting Speed


In all, it’s really about preference. InMotion Hosting is a smaller company and might not have the infrastructure that GoDaddy has with its larger staff, and support centers – but then again, one must consider the thing of ultimate importance with this: quality versus quantity.

GoDaddy offers some solid advantages in price and userability (UX), but they can be limited on the quality of support they offer for their whopping 59 million customers. A lot of which are those users who buy domains and simply don’t do anything with them.

InMotion Hosting although smaller in size, is just as established as GoDaddy – they just target, or attract, a different customer to their services. The more focused user would appreciate InMotion Hosting for their U.S based 24/7/365 support, and their dedication to offering to host with no hassle.